Trade Finance Advisory

Trade can create immense value by providing a time and place utility alone, while not altering underlying the product/ services to any extent. Given that the production centres are invariably away from consumption centres and more so, in the modern times, when the production optimization objectives take away the production centres away from your locality and further away from your country even. It’s the trade alone, which maintains the supply-demand equilibrium and sends right price signal to the market. Financing such trade for a Corporate is part of its working capital financing. However, Trade needs to be facilitated better than the rest of working capital activity.

Trade financing is facilitated by Global banking network through their Correspondent banking relationships. Trade credit for both raw material and capital equipment are provided by banks through different products in compliance with regulation. Trade instruments like LC, BG and SBLC are well settled in the market practice. We at Société Banque Générale, shall endeavor to understand the Trade Financing needs of Corporates and strive towards fulfilling them by choosing right instruments and financiers.

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