Société Banque Générale can help you examine working capital and trade finance. We have direct experience with commercial and investment banks, development banks and multilateral financial institutions. Our team of specialists regularly analyzes finance trends to ensure that we are at the forefront of trade finance.

At Société Banque Générale, our team offers expert advice to mitigate risk and enhance revenue opportunities when conducting international trade. We understand credit and payment risks and can help formulate a tailored trade solution to improve your competitiveness in the global markets.

In addition, Société Banque Générale provides innovative financing solutions to assist exporters with transactional risk mitigation, giving them a competitive edge.

Letter of Credit means: Any arrangement, however named or described, that is irrevocable and thereby constitutes a definite undertaking of the issuing bank to honour a complying presentation. It not only guarantees product protection but also ensures flexible payment terms.
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A Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) is a guarantee that is made by a bank on behalf of a client, which ensures payment will be made even if their client cannot fulfill the payment. It is a payment of last resort from the bank, and ideally, is never meant to be used.
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A guarantee means giving something as security. A bank guarantee is when a bank offers surety and guarantees for different business obligation on behalf of their customers within certain regulations. It is generally a promise made by the bank to any third person to undertake the payment risk on behalf of its customers.
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Performance Guarantee is an agreement between a Client and a Contractor. The bank offers a guarantee to the client on behalf of a contractor that work will be done as per the agreement. A Performance Guarantee is issued by a financial institution or bank to a contractor, to promise completion and due performance of the works of the service, as described in the contract documents.
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Documentary Collection (DC) occurs when a seller instructs his bank to forward documents related to the exporting of goods or services to the buyer’s bank, then requesting to present these documents to the buyer for their payment. The contract will also include the conditions under which conditions the documents can released to the buyer.
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Proof of Funds (POF) is a letter or documentation that certifies that an individual, institution, or corporation has sufficient funds (money) to complete a transaction. A POF is typically issued by a commercial bank to provide confidence or assurance to another party – typically a seller – that the individual or entity in question has sufficient funds to complete an agreed-upon purchase.
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Our core competency lies in our expertise to handle various financial instruments & complex structures and we constantly strive to educate our customers about them. By virtue of staying in this field for such a long time has helped us forging a healthy and fruitful relationship with industry veterans and we can boast of having created a distinctive impact and value in all our dealings.

Trade Finance is a complex domain with lots of uncertainties as it involves both domestic and cross border trades and touches almost all business entities. Absence of experienced in-house resources and a lack of awareness of risks associated with different payment mechanism means dependence on Banks for advice.

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